Pappa, you disappoint me!


We visited Pappa Rich (Doncaster) tonight with high expectations. Plenty of Shan’s Malaysian acquaintances have been going gaga this year about the arrival of the PR chain in Melbourne, declaring their love of the ‘real’ Malaysian fare it serves.

My summary of the experience:

Ambience: Noisy, foodcourt experience, with the added cacophony of constantly ringing doorbells (each table has one to attract the waitstaff’s attention). Dirty tables and menus, despite only being a few months old.

Waitstaff: Inexperienced … Dirty glasses left on table for 20 minutes. Us: “Do you have beef rendang?”; Waitress “Hmmm, I’m not sure, let me check” … (never to return).

Food: Average, food-court standard.

Rating: Meh. 5.5/10. Maybe have a milk tea (bring your own headphones).

Exhibit A: Oil smudged menus greeted us at the entrance.

Exhibit B: Seafood Laksa and Nasi Lemak. Note the excess of oil. Both of these dishes arrived at the table within 1 minute of ordering, never a good sign. The construction of the laksa was terrible, nothing like the great laksa at Omah’s.  

Exhibit C: Having lived in China for 4 years, I’m always up for something a bit different, but this fried chicken skin was just a salty inedible mess (with an out-of-the-bottle sweet chilli sauce).

Exhibit D: The ice kachang (baobing) per the menu (WOW!) vs. the ice kachang in reality (WTF?!) … Where are the red beans?!

In short, I say:

PappaRich Doncaster on Urbanspoon


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